How to choose the right street light lens for you?

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Details control! Small lens has big effect, solar street light has good luminous efficiency. ZGSM offers various types of street light lens suitable for your needs.

Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. They also have obvious advantages in luminous efficiency and lighting effects, so it is not surprising that they have become a standard accessory for solar street lamps, but it is not random. An LED light source can meet our lighting requirements.

Some detailed accessories should also be carefully considered when purchasing, such as LED lenses that affect the use efficiency and luminous efficiency of light. In terms of materials, there are three types: PMMA lenses, PC lenses and glass lenses. So Which lens is most suitable?

Types of street light lens

Our street light lenses come in a variety of shapes, including free form, asymmetric, and symmetric designs. Crafted from high-quality materials such as PMMA or PC (poly-carbonate), these lenses are built to last. At ZGSM, we possess both the capability and the facilities to develop custom LED lens designs tailored to your specific application requirements.


Optical grade PMMA, which is the acrylic material we often talk about, is a plastic material that is easy to process. It is usually completed by injection molding or extrusion. The production efficiency is very high, the design is also very convenient, it is colorless and transparent, and has many Good light transmittance, with a thickness of 3mm, can reach about 93%, and some high-end imported materials can reach 95%, allowing the LED light source to show good luminous efficiency.

In addition, this material also has excellent weather resistance. It will not change its performance even if it is exposed to harsh environments for a long time. It has good anti-aging properties. However, it should be noted that this material has poor heat resistance and will suffer from thermal deformation. The temperature is 92°C. It is used more in indoor LED lamps and less in outdoor LED lamps.

PC Lens

It is also made of plastic material. Like PMMA lenses, the production efficiency is also very high. It can be injection molded or extruded according to different needs. It has excellent physical properties and good impact resistance. It can reach a maximum of 3kg/cm. 8 times that of PMMA material, while for ordinary glass, it can reach 200 times.

The material itself is unnatural and self-extinguishing. It has a higher safety index and is also excellent in heat and cold resistance. The product will not deform in the range of -30℃~120℃. In terms of sound insulation and heat insulation The performance will not disappoint.

However, the weather resistance of this material itself is not as good as that of PMMA material. It is usually necessary to add UV agent to the surface to enhance its performance. It can absorb ultraviolet rays and convert visible light. It will not discolor after being used outdoors for many years; in addition, the light transmittance is slightly lower. One point, the light transmittance at 3mm thickness is about 89%.

Glass Lens

The texture of glass is uniform and colorless. Its most notable feature is its high light transmittance. Under the same conditions, the light transmittance can reach 97% at a thickness of 3mm. The light loss is small and the light range is obviously longer. Excellent, and it has high hardness, high temperature resistance, and good weather resistance. It is very little affected by external environmental factors and will not change its light transmittance after many years of use.

But at the same time, the disadvantages of glass are also obvious. It is much brittle and can easily break under impact. It is not as safe as the above two. At the same time, under the same conditions, it is heavier and inconvenient to transport. In addition, this The material is much more troublesome to produce than the above plastic materials, and mass production is actually not easy to achieve.

To sum up, it is best to choose PC lens for solar street light LED lamps. Our Nova series solar street lights use glass lenses. Although it is slightly less than the other two in terms of light transmittance, it is enough for outdoor lighting, both in terms of physical and chemical properties. In all aspects, they performed even better.


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