3 Crucial Factors for Selecting LED Light Sources for Solar Street Lights

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How to judge the quality of LED light sources for solar street light, focus on these three aspects.

The significance of the existence of solar street lights is that they can bring us more light at night. The quality of solar panels, batteries and other accessories is very good, but the quality of the light source is not good, so it is putting the cart before the horse. Therefore, we want to ensure the quality of use of solar street lights and the quality of the light source. You have to pass the test. LED light source has become the first choice for street lights.

LED light sources

However, many friends do not know how to identify the dazzling array of light sources on the market. Many unscrupulous merchants take advantage of the information asymmetry between them and their customers to use fake LED light sources to pass off as high-quality imported LED light sources. It greatly damages the interests of customers. So, how should we judge the quality of solar street light sources?

Mainly look at the following three aspects:

The shape of the light source

This mainly depends on the shape of the light source projected on the plane, which is the primary criterion for judging the light quality of the lamp.

For good quality solar street lights, the optical processing must be very reliable. The reflector usually adopts the secondary light distribution method – there are two reflectors, the first one is the reflector for the entire light distribution. The second anti-glare reflective cup can make the light spot appear uniform and round, and the central light intensity is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary LEDs.

LED light sources

The light spots it presents should gradually blur from the inside to the outside, the peripheral light diffuses naturally, the secondary light spots are well weakened, not obvious, the transition is very even, it looks very soft and comfortable, and there are no distracting black spots.

For LED light sources with uneven reflector light distribution, the quality is naturally not high. This kind of light source will have obvious black spots and dark areas. The light spot transition is stiff and dazzling. There are also some noise and shadows, and the secondary light spots are very bright. Obviously, the lighting effect is not ideal and people’s eyes will be very uncomfortable.

Whether the light source has glare

For outdoor lighting, it is very terrible if glare is produced. In addition to making people’s eyes uncomfortable, it may also reduce the visibility of visual objects, which is very dangerous. Generally speaking, the higher the brightness of the light source, the The glare will be more obvious; the closer the light source is to the line of sight, the glare will be more obvious. The larger the surface area and the greater the number of light sources, the more significant the glare will be.

So how to avoid this situation? Generally speaking, we will make a fuss about the reflector cup and adopt a scientific secondary light distribution design. Secondly, the reflector cup must not use a mirror design, with a little frosting, or use a new type of nano-coating. Layer technology to strengthen its anti-glare function. In order to ensure the effect, the lampshade also has an anti-glare design instead of a transparent lampshade. When purchasing, pay attention to the design of these details to ensure the effectiveness of the LED light source of solar street lights. Quality.

LED light sources

Color temperature of light source

The color temperature of the light source is also an important point to consider. A color temperature that is too low or too high is not suitable. A color temperature that is too low will present a warm tone. Although it will give people more warmth in terms of look and feel, such lighting effects are also easy to achieve. It gives people a drowsy feeling, which is very dangerous for drivers who need to stay awake at all times.

If the color temperature is too high, the light will be too white, and the color reproduction will not be so true to the place where the light shines, causing visual discomfort. It can also easily give people a sense of tension and depression, causing discomfort to the driver. Bright mood is obviously not conducive to driving scenes.

The color temperature is best to choose neutral light that is close to natural light, which can well restore the original color of objects, is also very comfortable visually, will not bring bad emotions to people, and will make driving at night safer.


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