What are the Common Problems with LED lights source and solutions?

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Common problems with LED lights source, protect solar street lights for a long life.

While pursuing the functionality and visual beauty of products, they are also increasingly pursuing environmental protection and energy saving. For this reason, solar street lights are becoming more and more popular, as long as the sunlight can reach places , can be used, the energy is inexhaustible, so that many remote areas with imperfect power equipment can also provide outdoor lighting, bringing more peace of mind at night.

Common problems with LED lights source

LED light sources have become the standard configuration of solar street lights because of their color diversity, high efficiency and energy saving in the use of electric energy, and environmental protection without producing harmful substances. So if you want to ensure good lighting of solar street lights In order to achieve the desired effect, the functionality of the LED light source must be guaranteed. It cannot be said that it will be damaged as soon as it is used. So what are the common causes of damage to solar street lights?

Transient overcurrent

This is often because in a short period of time, a large current exceeding the maximum rated current of the LED light source flows, or there are overvoltage events such as power grid fluctuations, transient switching noise of the switching power supply, or transient lightning strikes.

Although this situation lasts for a short time, the consequences cannot be underestimated. After the LED light source suffers an overcurrent shock, the failure mode is not fixed, but often causes damage to the welding wire and other parts close to the welding wire. Shorten the service life of LED lamps.

LED lights source

Electrostatic discharge

This is the most common cause of damage to LED lamps. Static electricity can easily form and damage the sensitive internal circuit components of LEDs during discharge. Sometimes electrostatic discharge that cannot be felt by the human body may cause damage to solar street light LEDs. Permanent damage to the light source. In the past, when the LED light source first came out, it was not done well enough in many aspects. It may be damaged by just touching it with human hands.

LED lights source

Overheating damage

Temperature is also part of the cause of damage to LED light sources. Generally speaking, if the junction temperature in the LED chip increases by 10%, the luminous flux will be attenuated by 1%, and the life of the LED light source will be reduced by about 50%.

Water damage

We all know that water is conductive. If water enters the LED light source, damage is generally inevitable. It just depends on the extent.

Knowing the reasons for LED light source damage, how can we protect it?

This involves PPTC (resettable fuse), which is a polymer positive temperature thermistor composed of polymers and conductive particles. When the LED light source is at normal ambient temperature, or is working normally When current passes through, PPTC presents a low resistance state.

When the LED light source is at an abnormal ambient temperature (temperature rise), or there is an abnormal overcurrent passing through it, the heat generated by this current will produce a series of chain reactions. The PPTC will appear in a high-resistance state, which will limit the current through the LED light source. , which also plays a protective role. When this abnormal condition disappears, PPTC will slowly recover and assume the initial low-resistance state, allowing the LED light source to continue to work normally and reduce the chance of damage.

LED lights source Protect Solutions

Generally speaking, there are two protection methods available when using LED light sources.

a. Shunt protection

We all know that, generally speaking, LED lamps are divided into many series-connected branches. For this kind of system, a PPTC component can be connected in series on each branch to achieve precise protection. It will not be caused by the failure of one branch. There is something wrong with the entire light fixture.

b. Main road protection

This is actually the main circuit of the LED lamp, that is, a PPTC component is connected in series in front of all the lamp beads to protect the entire lamp. This method of shunt protection may not be as effective, but in general it is still useful. People are satisfied, and it occupies a smaller area and the cost is lower. You can choose according to your specific needs when purchasing.


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