Solar street light not working-common faults of solar panels

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What are the possible reasons for solar street light not working? What are the common faults of solar panels? ZGSM tells you the solution.

solar street light not working

As the service life increases, solar street lights will inevitably have some faults. If we want longer and stable use, we must be good at discovering and solving these faults, so as to fully ensure the service life of solar street lights. So as solar street lights What are the common faults of solar street light panels?

Common faults and solutions

The battery board often does not charge, and it needs to be solved on a case-by-case basis. If the controller does not work when connected to the battery board, and Rev Polarity is on, then it is possible that the battery is connected in reverse, or there is a weak solder at the welding point, or the connector is faulty. Not solid.

The troubleshooting method can be to directly open the black electrical box behind the battery board and use a voltmeter and ammeter to test it. Under normal circumstances, the open circuit voltage is above 17.5V, but there is no current. In this case, just connect the battery correctly. .

If it still cannot charge normally after being connected correctly, the charging light does not flash, and there is no current when testing the aluminum foil of the battery board, then it is very likely that the battery board itself is faulty, and it is recommended to replace the battery board.

solar street light not working

If neither the main road nor the slave road is lit, the FAULT light and the LOAD light will be on. It is most likely caused by the rainy day lasting too long and the battery voltage being too low. Don’t worry about this situation. Wait until it’s sunny. Just charge the battery board normally to the recovery point, the system will automatically recover, and the main and slave circuits will light up normally.

If one of the lights on the main circuit and the slave circuit does not light up, the problem may be more serious, and the FAULT light will flash. This often indicates that the load that does not light up has a short circuit or overload. In this case, it is necessary to continue to check whether the light source is still on. If there is a connection problem, just solve it symptomatically.

In addition to some of the common faults above, there are other situations that appear to be faulty but are actually normal. If the battery and load have just been connected and the load point does not light up, it may be normal. Wait for about 3 minutes and the load will light up normally. If there are no other reasons, check for other reasons.

If the battery board has just been connected and the load is not turned off, but the LOAD light is on, it may be normal. Delay for 3 minutes to check the load condition. If it can be turned off, it is normal.

If the battery board is not charging just after it is connected and the CHRGE light is not on, it is usually normal. The system needs 1 minute to detect the battery board. Wait for 1 minute and the battery board can charge normally.

Daily inspection and maintenance

In order for the battery panel to work normally, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to solve the fault, but you should also pay attention to its inspection and maintenance.

1. Do not hit the solar panel with hard or sharp objects, which may easily cause damage. If any damage is found during inspection, it must be replaced in time;

2. If there are leaves and other obstructions above the panel, they should be trimmed in time; if there are dust, stains, etc., or snow on the panel, they should be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the photoelectric conversion efficiency;

3. Regularly check whether the solar panel wiring and ground wires have fallen off and whether they are in good contact. Check whether the panel brackets are loose or broken. Any problems should be solved in time.


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