Solar street light lithium battery – polymer lithium battery or liquid lithium battery?

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Solar street light lithium battery – polymer lithium battery or liquid lithium battery?

Solar street lights receive light energy through solar panels during the day, convert it into electrical energy and store it in the battery. At night, they convert the electrical energy into light energy, bringing light to pedestrians at night. Although the battery looks nothing It is eye-catching, but its effect cannot be underestimated.

solar street light lithium battery

What we use now are lithium batteries. Compared with the lead-acid batteries in the past, the working performance, safety performance and other aspects have been greatly improved. However, there are actually many types of lithium batteries, such as liquid batteries and polymer batteries. Although both physical lithium batteries are lithium batteries, they are actually quite different. Let’s compare them in detail below.

Different raw materials

The battery structure mainly has three elements: positive electrode, negative electrode and electrolyte. At least one or more of the three elements of polymer lithium battery are made of polymer materials. The polymer here refers to objects with large molecular weight. Generally have high strength, high toughness and high elasticity.

solar street light lithium battery

The electrolyte is made of solid or colloidal polymer electrolyte. This type of electrolyte is similar to a plastic film. It cannot conduct electrons but can allow ion exchange (atoms or atomic groups that can be charged), replacing the traditional porous separator soaked in electrolyte.

The main difference in materials of liquid lithium batteries is that their electrolytes are made of liquid or colloidal electrolytes.

Different shapes

Due to the different electrolytes between the two, there is also a big difference in shaping. This is mainly because their electrolytes are different. The electrolyte of polymer lithium battery can be solid or colloidal, which greatly improves the flexibility of battery shape design.

It can be made thin, and theoretically it can be made with a thickness of less than 0.05mm. It can also be made into any area and shape to better meet product needs and be made into batteries of any shape and capacity, providing solar street light developers with a high degree of design flexibility and adaptability in power solutions. Maximize the performance of its products.

The liquid lithium battery electrolyte uses electrolyte, which requires a strong shell as a secondary packaging to accommodate it, which limits its size, shape and other aspects, and also adds some weight to the lithium battery.

Different safety performance

In terms of safety, polymer lithium batteries also show great advantages, and polymer lithium batteries are mostly soft-pack batteries, and the outer casing is generally made of aluminum-plastic film. This material has good ductility, flexibility and mechanical strength, and also performs very well in terms of barrier properties and heat sealing properties.

Moreover, the electrolyte inside is solid or colloid, and there is no excess electrolyte, so it is more stable and less likely to cause dangerous situations due to overcharging, needle puncture, collision or other damage to the battery, and excessive use. Of course, things are not absolute. , if it is in an extremely harsh environment, such as if the instantaneous current is too large and a short circuit occurs, it is not impossible.

But in comparison, it is much safer than liquid lithium batteries. Liquid lithium batteries are prone to leakage. In addition, due to their sturdy shell and poor heat dissipation, there is a high possibility of explosion.


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