Solar street light installation steps – light poles

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In the solar street light system, the solar street light installation pole not only plays the role of carrying the light source but also the solar panel. Its height also determines its lighting effect. During installation, it is not enough to just stand it up. Many details need to be considered. Pay attention to fully ensure its functionality, safety and stability.

Before lifting the light pole

Arrange the rod body and cross arm neatly on the ground, with the base flange of the rod body facing the ground cage to facilitate later installation; the cables pass through the rod body and cross arm, leaving a margin at the head of the cross arm and coiling them good.

It should be noted that before lifting, carefully check whether the fasteners in each part are firmly installed, and also check whether the lamp holder, battery panel, battery panel and other components are installed properly, such as whether the battery panel is facing due south, etc. In the early stage, Have noticed that some unnecessary troubles can be reduced during installation.

After checking the installation of the components, you can do a simple debugging first to see if it is normal. Loosen the solar panel connection cable on the controller. The light source is normal. After connecting it, the light source goes out. At the same time, pay attention to the change of the indicator light on the controller. After everything is normal, proceed to the next step.

solar street light installation

Lifting Solar Street light pole

After preliminary inspection, you can lift the light pole. Thread the sling to the appropriate position of the light pole and tie an iron wire to the head of the cross arm. Someone needs to be on the ground to adjust the installation direction of the cross arm and lift it slowly. During this process, care should be taken to avoid scratching the solar cell modules by the crane wire rope.

solar street light installation

When the solar street light is completely off the ground, or completely separated from the load, at least two installers on the ground need to use large wrenches to clamp the flange. When placing the light pole, the swing of the bottom will cause friction between the upper part and the crane wire rope during the lifting process. , causing damage to solar street lights.

When the light pole is lifted directly above the foundation, slowly lower it. At the same time, rotate the light pole so that the lamp head can face the road, and the long hole on the flange is aligned with the foot bolt. After falling on it, Put on the flat washer, spring washer and nut in sequence.

During this process, pay attention to adjusting the verticality of the light pole. You can use a level. If it is not vertical, you can put a gasket under the flange and adjust it repeatedly until the direction of the light pole is perpendicular to the ground. At this time, use a wrench to lift it. Tighten the nuts evenly, neither too tight nor too loose. For better fixation, apply thread locking gel before tightening.


If the height of the light pole is less than 6m, a crane is not needed and construction workers can directly construct.

After hanging

After hanging it, check it. For example, whether the orientation of the solar panel is within ±20° of the south direction, and whether the height is at the appropriate position. Adjust them one by one, and then tighten the light pole components one by one. Fix the bolts to ensure that the force on each bolt is even, then remove the hanging rope, check again whether the light pole is tilted, and continue to adjust it if necessary.


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