Selection Guide for Solar Street Light Poles

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Solar street light safety lighting, what kind of light pole is of good quality? ZGSM tells you how to select solar street light poles.

Solar Street Light Poles

Whether solar street lights can bring the best light source at the right location and whether they can survive strong winds and rainy weather all involve the quality of the light pole itself.

So when buying solar street lights, many people may not have any idea what kind of light pole is good. Let’s discuss this issue in detail.

Solar street light pole material

This aspect mainly involves the material of the light pole. Some of the better solar street light poles are made of Q235 steel as the main material. Considering the corrosion resistance, service life, convenience of transportation, price and other aspects, it is considered the best. suitable.

If you have enough budget, you can also choose anodized aluminum. Nanlai solar street lights mainly use Q235 high-quality steel.

In terms of its parameters, it is required that its straightness error does not exceed 0.05%, and the wall thickness must be at least 2.5mm. The higher the height, the greater the wall thickness value. For example, for a light pole of 4 to 9 meters, the wall thickness must be at least 4mm, and for street lights such as 12 meters and 16 meters, the wall thickness should be at least 6mm to ensure the lighting effect and sufficient wind resistance.

solar street light poles

In addition, the connection between the light pole and some other parts requires inconspicuous small parts such as bolts and nuts. Except for anchor bolts and anchor nuts, all other fixing bolts, nuts, etc. are made of stainless steel.

Craftsmanship of solar street light poles

Generally, Q235 high-quality steel is used. To ensure better performance, the inside and outside must be hot-dip galvanized. The thickness should be 80 μm and above. It must comply with GB/T13912-92 standards and has a design service life of not less than 30 years.

After this process, the surface should be smooth and beautiful, with consistent color. There will be no peeling or peeling after the hammer test. If you are worried, the purchaser can request a galvanizing test report. After sanding, the surface is sprayed to improve quality and aesthetics, making it adaptable to different environments.

Spray molding process

The colors of the street lamp poles we usually see are generally white and blue. This requirement cannot be met only through the hot-dip galvanizing process. This involves a spraying process, which involves sanding the surface of the lamp pole. Plastic spray treatment can also improve the anti-corrosion effect of the light pole and increase its aesthetics.

Plastic spraying should use high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, with a flat and smooth surface and basically the same color. The thickness of the plastic layer should be at least 80μm, and all indicators should meet the requirements of ASTM D3359-83 standards to ensure that the quality of the plastic layer is stable and has strong adhesion.

Blade scratches (15mm*6mm) will not peel or fall off, and it also has a certain anti-ultraviolet effect and will not fade easily.

Welding process

A good-quality solar street light should have no cracks, missing welds, undercuts or connection holes anywhere on the entire pole. The welds should be smooth and flat, with no bumps and undulations, and no welding defects.

Otherwise, the quality of the solar street light itself will be affected, and its aesthetics will also be affected. Similarly, if the purchaser is worried, he can also ask the merchant to provide a welding flaw detection report.

The wiring of solar street lights is all done inside the light pole. In order to ensure that there will be no problems with the wires, there are also requirements for the internal environment of the light pole.

The interior should be smooth and unobstructed, without any sharp edges, burrs or teeth, etc., to facilitate threading and avoid damage to the blue wire itself, which could create safety hazards for solar street lights.


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