5 Key Factors Influencing Solar Street Light Prices

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However, when it comes to solar street light prices how should we choose? Which one is the most cost-effective? Let’s take a look at what factors affect the price of street lights. Starting from these places, you can naturally choose a satisfactory street light.

solar street light prices

Solar street lights are becoming more and more common in our lives and have become an inevitable part of urban and rural lighting construction. They are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to install, and very simple to control, bringing great convenience to our lives.

While bringing huge changes to our night life, solar street lights themselves are also constantly innovating and changing, developing in a more humane, intelligent, and environmentally friendly direction, and their cost performance continues to improve.

Solar panel cost

Regarding the cost of various components of solar street light prices, the panel undoubtedly accounts for the majority. The price of the panel is mainly affected by its own material. Commonly used ones include amorphous silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon.

Among them, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is higher, and the price is also higher.

solar street light prices

With the same material, the other thing that will obviously affect the price is the area of the battery panel. When purchasing, you must pay attention to these two aspects and then see if the price is reasonable.

Light source cost

LED lights are the standard light source of solar street lights. The overall cost of solar street lights is not very high, but compared with other general light sources, it is still expensive. Of course, there are reasons why it is more expensive.

It has a perfect dimming function, good lighting effect, comfortable for the eyes, energy saving and environmental protection. During the lighting process, it does not release carbon dioxide like high pressure sodium lamps. It is very friendly to the environment and has a longer lifespan than some other light sources. Needless to say, you have to consider changing the light source after using it, which actually saves costs.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the appropriate LED light source according to the lighting environment of the solar street light. Do not choose other general light sources for temporary cheapness.

Battery cost

In the overall cost of solar street lights, although it is not as high as the proportion of panels, the cost of batteries is not small. Its quality has a direct impact on the length of lighting time and brightness of the street lights.

The batteries used in current street lights are all lithium batteries. Compared with the lead-acid batteries of the past, they have obvious advantages in terms of discharge depth and charging time. They can also adapt to the environment better, so the solar street light prices will be higher.

Light pole cost

The cost of light poles is also an important factor in determining the overall price of solar street lights. Different materials, different processes, and different heights have a great impact on the price of the light poles themselves. For example, aluminum is more expensive than steel light poles, and for steel light poles, hot-dip galvanized light poles are more expensive than cold-dip galvanized light poles. You must pay attention when purchasing.

Brand influence

Generally speaking, brands often carry their own quality. For big brands, they can spend more money and energy on the research and development of solar street lights, and the related equipment involved must be more trustworthy, which ultimately brings The difference in quality comes with the difference in price, so when buying, you should also pay attention to the brand of solar street lights!

ZGSM Solar Street Light has always focused on the production and manufacturing of solar street lights. It also cooperates with some big brands. It usually gives a rough system quotation. After the user determines the specific needs, it will make an overall street light quotation, which is still trustworthy.


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