3 Main Factors Affecting The Lighting Effect Of LED Solar Street

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The lighting effect of LED solar street does not meet the requirements? If the panels are installed incorrectly, no matter how good the quality of the solar street lights is, it will be useless.

After installing solar street lights, some friends find that the street lights cannot achieve the expected lighting effect. They may consider whether there is a problem with the quality of the street lights themselves, but this is only part of it. Whether the street lights themselves are installed properly is also very important, especially the panels. So How to install solar panels?

The Lighting Effect Of LED Solar Street

First of all, you must know the positive and negative poles of the battery panels. When making a series electrical connection, the “+” plug of the previous component is connected to the “-” plug of the next component, and the output circuit must be correctly connected to the device.

Find out the positive and negative poles

Be sure to make sure the polarity is wrong, otherwise the battery board may not be charged. In this case, the indicator light of the controller will not light up. In severe cases, the diode will be burned out, affecting the service life of the battery board. Avoid wearing metal jewelry when installing solar panels to prevent the positive and negative electrodes of the panels from coming into contact with metal objects, which may cause a short circuit, or even a fire or explosion.

Wire requirements

First of all, it is recommended to use insulated copper wires instead of aluminum wires. It is superior to the latter in terms of electrical conductivity and resistance to galvanic corrosion. It is not as easy to catch fire as aluminum wires, and is both efficient and safe. Be higher.

lighting effect of LED solar street

Secondly, the polarity of the wire connection is different, and the color is preferably different, which is convenient for installation and maintenance; the connection is firm, do not increase the contact resistance, and the wires should be kept as short as possible to reduce the internal resistance of the line and ensure its working efficiency.

The insulation winding layer in the joint part should firstly consider meeting the insulation strength, and secondly, consider its weather resistance performance requirements; in addition, there should be a margin for the temperature parameters of the wire according to the ambient temperature during installation.

Solar panel direction

To ensure the charging efficiency of solar street lights, the solar panels must receive sufficient sunlight to achieve the maximum power generation per unit time. It is best to be oriented due south, which is the direction with the highest solar light intensity in the country.

However, due to the limitations of the surrounding environment or construction and other objective conditions, it may not be possible to have this orientation exactly. Don’t worry, generally there will be no big impact within the range of ±20° due south. Try to ensure that the solar panels can Receive sunlight from 9:00 to 16:00.

If the lighting needs cannot be met, you can make up for it by increasing the power of the solar panels.


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