Rifle Series Solar Powered Street Lights

To assure the system’s stable operation, Rifle series solar-powered street lights employ long-cycle lithium batteries, efficient MPPT solar charge and discharge controllers, and high-quality monocrystalline solar panels (at least 23 percent). The lamps are powered by high-quality Lumileds processors, including the 3030 and 5050, which produce up to 170lm/w of light.

  • Wide power range: 20W~150W
  • High Lumen output up to 165lm/w
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels
  • Smart MPPT controller realizes intelligent control of lamps
  • High end battery improves the reliability of the luminaire
  • Capacity of panels and batteries can be customized
  • Long lifespan with L70>100000hrs
  • Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. photocell, timer dimming.
Specification_Rifle Series Solar Powered Street Lights
Installation Manual_Rifle Series Solar Powered Street Lights

This line of solar-powered street lighting is equipped with intelligent MPPT controllers that enable users to program their own dimming curves in order to conserve energy. Concurrently, microwave induction can be implemented in the Rifle series to increase battery life and energy efficiency. ZGSM’s Rifle system, which utilizes solar energy to power street lights, is particularly well-suited for implementation in regions with underdeveloped power infrastructures and ample solar resources.

Solar Powered Street Lights
Integrated Solar Street Light
Series No Series Rifle solar
Power 20W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W
Efficacy 140-170lm/W
Input Voltage DC 12/24V
Battery Spec 230WH-1843WH or customized
Solar Panel Spec Monocrystalline silicon 50-400W or customized
IP Rating IP66
IK Rating IK10
Beam Angle Type II, III
Mounting Option Side Entry


Solar street lamps have an exceptionally high energy efficiency. They employ LED lanterns, renowned for their extended operational hours and minimal energy usage. By converting a significant proportion of electrical energy into light, LEDs optimize illumination while mitigating energy waste.