Is It Recommended to Install Solar LED Street Lights Highways?

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Why are there no solar street lights on the highway? After reading these 2 points, you will understand why not install solar led street lights highways.

solar led street lights highways

In order to facilitate traveling at night, solar street lights are available whether on the main roads in the city or on the country roads. However, some friends may wonder why there are no street lights on the highway?

The speed here is faster, wouldn’t it be more dangerous if you can’t see clearly? Regarding this issue, in fact, there are two reasons in summary. One is the cost issue, and the other is safety. Let’s take a look at it in detail below.

cost issue

According to authoritative statistics from the Ministry of Transport, at the end of 2018, the total mileage of highways in the country reached 4.85 million kilometers, 60 times that in 1949, of which the total mileage of expressways reached 143,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. If street lights are to be installed, the project It is very vast.

Even solar street lights that are easy to install require a lot of financial and labor expenditures, not to mention some maintenance and repair issues in the later period, which also increases costs on the other hand, and most expressways have low traffic rates at night. Not high, installing street lights is also a waste of resources.

solar led street lights highways


Some friends may think when they see this, why not install it because of the high cost? Even if there are few cars passing by, safety must be ensured. But in fact, there are no street lights on the highway, and the safety is very high. There is no need to install street lights at all. Why is this?

The road conditions are good

The installation of street lights on urban or rural roads mostly takes into account pedestrians or non-motorized vehicles, which are full of threatening and uncertain factors. Expressways are extra-urban roads between cities and between cities and rural areas. They are basically equipped with guardrails and isolation barriers. There will be no non-motor vehicle pedestrians on the road, and there is no need to perform pedestrian lighting functions.

Moreover, the road surface of the highway is very flat. There will be no potholes due to abnormal stress on ordinary roads, and the road condition is better.

Have enough reflective signs

Don’t worry about not being able to see some signs if there are no street lights. There is a complete reflective sign system on the highway. People use a reflective film made of glass beads and lay it on the traffic signs.

They do not emit light themselves, but when exposed to the strong light of car headlights, they will reflect the light directionally into the driver’s eyes, allowing people to clearly see the lane indications, lane dividing lines, central medians, and road signs. There are also signs and so on along the edges. It’s also safe to drive at night.

Reduce glare

There is no need for street lights to illuminate pedestrians on the highway. If street lights are installed just to make the driver more aware of the road conditions, it is likely to cause glare pollution, uneven brightness in the field of vision, and it is likely to make it difficult for the driver to recognize traffic signs, etc. The difficulty makes traffic accidents more likely to occur.

Generally speaking, there is really no need to install street lights on highways, but it does not mean that they are not installed in all places. For example, street lights will still be installed in tunnels, bridges, and big turns on highways to improve safety and make it safer. A straight road is not necessary.


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